Based in Austin, Texas, Info Aperture is a blog by Kate McKerlie.

Hi and welcome!

Hi and welcome!

Welcome to my blog site! I’ll be sharing my latest work, the process behind some of my past work, and my new discoveries and thoughts on information design, data visualization, video and motion graphics.

Why Info Aperture?

I named this site “Info Aperture” because I felt like the name married two professional interests of mine: information design and video. I also found that much of what makes this work successful is knowing what to include and what to leave on the “editing room floor” as they say. For those who don’t know, an aperture is the part of the photography lens (modeled off the iris in our eyes) that controls the amount of light that will enter the camera and expose the film, so it controls how much we see and how we see it. It also plays a role in what is in focus and what is out of focus (depth of field). I believe good data design does exactly that. In an information-saturated world it’s up us, the storytellers, to figure out what we need to include and exclude, explain or leave up to the reader to interpret. Knowing how to do this well takes careful study and practice and that what I intend to do here on this blog site.

It’s been a few years since I’ve started doing this type of work, but I still consider myself a beginner and I look forward to actively participating in this community that I’ve watched (on the sidelines) grown over the years. This is also my first attempt to share some of my work with this community. It was my 2018 new year’s resolution to put myself out there, so of course here I am posting this in late December :).

About Me:

I am a videographer and information design artist in Austin, TX.

I am currently the Director of Communications at the Texas Institute for Child & Family Wellbeing at the University of Texas at Austin. Luckily, I get to do work I love in this position, but in my spare time I like to explore other topics and issues and help others by producing video and information design assets. This website features work from my day job and personal projects.

Professional Interests

  • Exploring health and wellbeing holistically

  • Making research more accessible using data visualization and graphic design

  • Using video, photography and animation to present information

  • Co-creative learning environments for adult learners

To see my past work in video and information design please visit my portfolio site here.

Thanks for visiting!

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How It Was Made: New framework for measuring community assets